Simplified Batch Upgrade Nodes through CLI

To avoid potential bugs on the DU and for more control for companies and others who would prefer more control over the upgrade process of nodes.

With Kubeadm one would just type one command "kubeadm upgrade node" on each individual node to start the upgrade process for that 1 node. Something like this would be way more efficient method for those with small clusters or for those who would like another option that is more simplified and controlled especially for Worker Nodes.

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  • Apr 22 2022
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    4 May, 2022 03:32pm

    Is there no way to simplify that further? Where with Kubeadm you go to each Node one by one and run one command to trigger upgrade for that node?
    Because if it can simplified one could always use Ansible Playbooks to perform batch upgrades

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    25 Apr, 2022 07:15pm



    List of worker nodes uuids to upgrade in parallel at once during an upgrade

    curl --request POST \

    --url{project_uuid}/clusters/{uuid}/upgrade \

    --header "X-Auth-Token: {X-Auth-Token}" \

    --data '{

    "batchUpgradePercent": "{number}",

    "batchUpgradeNodes": [



    "containerRuntime": "{string}"


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    25 Apr, 2022 07:13pm

    There is a Node-by-node batch upgrade avaialbe in 5.4 onwards, this needs to be used via the Qbert API