Simpler PMK

Had some customers who had no Kubernetes experience but had the responsibility to create clusters. My idea is to make cluster creations simpler either through pre-population of fields or making the UX simpler. One way to do this is to retool the wizard. The first page would have two large buttons above (1 cloud, 1 on-prem - which is hostagent install). As you click each, the menu auto populates options - for cloud, you select the provider, regions, AZ's, OS ; for on-prem, you select the masters/workers. Hit Next. Explain VIP and what you need for that as the current help link is broken. Auto-populate the CIDR for Services and Containers with an internal range. Have an "Advanced" button which shows the following options: API FQDN, Configure Network Backend, Privileged Containers, Advanced API Configuration, Application Catalog.


I believe that companies that are just starting out with Kubernetes will benefit from this condensed wizard. If this is change is thought to be too disruptive, we can even have two options when creating clusters. This entails having a popup when you click on create cluster, and it asks you for an "Advanced" option or a "Quick Start" option. When people click on "Advanced", it will just go to the normal wizard we have today. If people select the "Quick Start" option, then we can have one page which essentially has all the content I explained above.

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  • Sep 12 2019
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