Support for multiple versions of K8s within a single region and ability to deploy specific version

This will allow users to deploy a specific version of K8s. Supporting 2 versions of k8s at any given time would help.

This will enable admins to create clusters with new versions as playground clusters while production workload continue to run on an older version.

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  • Aug 7 2019
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    03 Sep 23:41

    This limitation causes us as a team to maintain a Staging DU where we upgrade clusters first before we upgrade clusters in our Prod DU. We have caught a few breaking issues due to this staging environment and it's very useful.


    Having at minimum n-1 versions supported would allow us to maintain our old clusters (without fear of auto-scaling deploying version-skewed nodes). If we upgrade a cluster and everything goes south, we'll be able to maintain our older clusters until we can perform another Platform9 control plane upgrade. With this feature we could reduce our footprint to one DU.