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Admins should be able to customize roles (or add new ones)

A number of times the existing roles within PMO do not exactly fit an organization's internal workflows.

For eg there have been requests for a new Tenant admin role from multiple customers:

1. Uber Admin: god mode

2. Tenant / Org Admin: can do anything in a certain scope (e.g. Tenant). For e.g. edit flavor configurations. Delete anything visible in the tenant.

3. Self-service user: cannot edit flavors, but can create and delete VMs

Customers have users who'd like to use the flavors and permissions in many different ways. There also are inconsistencies in the current PMO roles: a user can create a new image by taking a snapshot of a VM, but cannot delete that image. That seems oddly asymmetric.

Given how different teams might have different workflows, we might have to support the ability to customize roles (or add new ones).

There have been similar requests for an Observer role (read-only role to be shared with the exec staff within a customer's organization) in the past

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  • Jun 3 2019
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