Allow easy deletion of VMs stuck in BUILD or deleting state

I've seen issues where a VM gets stuck in some state permanently. After that, no other operations succeed. As I also mentioned, you can reset-state as an admin user, then delete but this deadlock situation shouldn't occur in the first place. Or at least, a subsequent delete operation should go through. Otherwise its a pain in the ass to clean up. Basically, it is all to easy to get VMs stuck in a some permanent state

We have some scripts which build the VM, we observe that a VM can stay in “build” state forever and can’t be deleted without admin operation and pf9-ostackhost service restart on the hypervisor.

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  • Jun 3 2019
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    8 Jan 04:49pm

    If you are not familiar with that work then I suggest you use a service or get someone who knows about servers and that will solve your problem. Everything will be better and faster and I'm happy a dayfine lot if I can help you.

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    19 Dec, 2022 04:30pm

    Formatting a VM can help to fix any issues that may be causing it to stay in a state that is permanently locked. In addition, if the VM is still in this state after being format, it may be worth trying to fix it. If the VM is still not working properly, it may be wordle worth consulting with a technical support representative to see if there is a way to fix it.