MultiTenancy within platform9

as an MSP i would like to be able to provision admin and self-service access to my customers within platform9 and ensure that they only see the hosts and instance that are theirs.

Today my customers are able to see every tenant within my platfrom9 cloud.

i believe that OpenStack Domains may be able to do this.

When I apply the admin role to a user they seem to become an admin across my whole platform9 managed cloud. I would prefer that they're just an administrator across the tenant i created for them.

by overlaying Domains i would expect my customers to each be a "domain" where they control their own users and and create and destroy tenants as they wish.

By doing this i would believe that it would now be possible for my company to setup my customers as an admin user for their entire domain. Enabling my users to manage resources such as users and projects.

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  • May 31 2019
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