Add PMK UI support for App Lifecycle Management and L4

PRD for Service creation for L4/L7 in PMK UI

User Experience Objectives:

# Be able to create services easily in the UI vs manual YAML creation
# Be able to tell a cohesive story with service monitors in managed prometheus (end to end app lifecycle)
# Centralized view and administration of services with UX designed for ease of use in namespaces VIA 3.11 RBAC

Required Fields in the UI for creating a YAML file via the api group /v1:

# Define the following in the UI
## Name
## Type
### Cluster IP
### NodePort
### Loadbalancer
### Externalname (CoreDNS)
# App Label Selectors:
## Key:Value
# Ports
## protocol
## port:
## targetPort:
## clusterIP:
## loadBalancerIP
# ingress:
## IP
# Annotations for AWS, Azure Loadbalancer
## AWS
### annotations:
## Azure
### annotations:
[|] "true"

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  • Aug 1 2019
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