Edit cloud.conf for PMK on Openstack Clusters



There are plenty of reasons why a PMK user might want to configure this. Here are a few common ones that we have personally encountered while trying to use PMK.

  • Most common volume use-case (and default behavior) to set `ignore-volume-az=true` (or vice versa)
  • Switching to octavia loadbalancer for PMK (both while we're in development of this feature, but also afterwards)
  • Setting the subnet-id for LoadBalancer (this is required for most setups of LB)


Because of the way that pf9-kube works (and utils.sh) - these can only be changed by actively modifying the utils.sh script found at `/opt/pf9/pf9-kube/utils.sh` and adding these options to the script. This change will be lost upon host upgrades from a cluster upgrade.


Being able to modify this file at will, and have it persist an upgrade would be a huge benefit to management of openstack clusters. It's clear that the options in this file are likely to change over time - so a simple text edit of the file, or an override file like we do for cinder would be an acceptable solution.

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  • Sep 3 2019
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