Allow specifying individual host during nova instance provisioning

Acc to Pushkar, specifying az parameter to hostname (some variation) allows creating VM directly on a specific host. Otherwise, one has to create a host-aggregate with specific tags, then create flavor with the same tags. This is unnecessary if we can get that option in UI and UI can send data to nova API.
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  • Jun 3 2019
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    18 Nov, 2022 07:48am

    This is a terrible concept. This has absolutely no consideration for the self-service user. Unaware of the physical host, this user.

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    12 Sep, 2019 10:22pm

    This should automatically happen if you provision an instance from the screen showing the list of instances present on that particular hypervisor., at "Infrastructure > (host) -> Instances". There isn't an instance provision button there presently.  Probably that is the only place in the UI where this behavior should occur.

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    1 Aug, 2019 05:30pm

    This is a bad idea... This doesn't think about the Self Service User at all. This user is un-aware of the physical host.