Add Neutron Subnet Pool support in the UI

Since the Kilo release, OpenStack Neutron has supported the concept of "[Subnet Pools|]" which provide a way for users / administrators to define pools of available address space which may then be consumed during the subnet creation process to automatically obtain a non-overlapping subnet allocation (from the requested pool). In short, from a user perspective they help ease the burden of obtaining subnet allocation while ensuring uniqueness (within a given pool).

This feature is beneficial to non-network savvy users, CI/CD & automation use-cases, and service provider (IAAS-5331) use-cases.

This extension is supported in our product today via the API / CLI, and only requires UI work to expose in a more user friendly manner.
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  • Jun 3 2019
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    25 Nov, 2022 04:26am

    For subnet pools, a quota mechanism was made available basketbros. Due to the fact that it doesn't include instances of first class objects, it differs from other quota methods in Neutron. Instead, it keeps track of how much address space is being utilized.

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    28 Jul, 2021 08:38am

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    21 Jun, 2019 05:59am

    Platform9 cloud uses this today. We workaround it via using the cli, buy the fact that this is one of our core use-cases and that configuring this is tricky tells me we should add UI support