Chargeback / Showback dashboards and reports

Chargeback / showback functionality would be a huge help for internal billing from my private cloud environments. In my public cloud I have access to various resource consumption reports so I can see who is using what and report or charge that BU accordingly.

Resource consumption reporting is becoming increasingly necessary. Rather than having to use Ceilometer and/or Gnocchi APIs, how can Platform9 directly integrate this into your offerings?

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  • Jun 3 2019
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    22 Aug 16:00

    I'm interested in seeing better reporting functions as well.  Things like:


    - user logins to clarity and the API (an idea of most active users and inactive users)

    - Breakdown of CPU, RAM, Storage resources by user / tenant


    This is all for capacity planning, so it's important to the life-cycle of the product imo