Best Game 2023

The MOTO X3M was selected as the grand prize because of its widespread appeal. The game's protagonists could greatly benefit from your riding skills.

Player feedback can be collected using a straightforward star rating system. Which of the three prizes you take home depends on how well you perform, as well as how well the other contestants do. The outcome is conditional on your performance. Gaining all three stars in a level requires a blistering time-to-completion ratio. The time to take action is now because the situation is dire. The third and final star is unlocked when all levels are completed with a perfect score. All but the most seasoned racers are sure to find something new and difficult among the twenty-five courses. It's not uncommon for competitors in an obstacle course race to get in their vehicles, don their helmets, and start yelling at one another before the gun goes off to see who can be the first to cross the finish line.

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  • Jan 11 2023
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