DPDK-optimized virtual host (vhost) path in OvS.

Applications running within OpenStack instances that are sensitive to network performance can see improved performance by implementing OvS with DPDK.

Using OvS with DPDK (OvS-DPDK) provides a huge increase in network packet throughput and much lower latencies.

Background and reading:https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/using-open-vswitch-with-dpdk-for-inter-vm-nfv-applications

To use VFIO (virtual function I/O), both the kernel and BIOS must support and be configured to use I/O virtualization. By enabling Intel® VT-d and loading the VFIO-PCI driver, I/O performance for the VMs will improve. For the data access by the VMs will bypass the hypervisor:

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  • May 30 2019
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