The career mode feels like filler as it gets past licensing restrictions and offers second-rate courses.

As the game progresses, 2K's prominence becomes clear. A three-click swing system simplifies things. That's a cool feature, but it's much harder to understand than expected. Holding the swing button in geometry dash

while setting power starts a spinning meter that must be stopped twice to determine accuracy. Often, I make bad shots before switching to a smooth, clean, and precise analog stick swing.

HB Studios has mastered analog. HB's golf game successfully replicates the feel and difficulty of a real club. Stick speed controls a slice or hook, so tee or fairway shots are precarious. Even after practicing a lot, you can miss a shot. 2K23 expands the PGA Tour's shot types, adding punches to squeeze the ball around hazards.

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  • Dec 2 2022
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